What Tuxedo can do for you

Control costs

The card is pre-loaded by the employer from which the employee is free to spend.

Save time

The Tuxedo Expenses Solution ensures faster back office administration by eliminating month end expense claim paperwork and reconciliation work (electronic expenditure data). The expenses solution also replaces cheque re-imbursements and per diem allowances by using the unique eccount functionality.


Employers no longer need to carry cash, the Tuxedo Expenses Solution also means that there is no more risk of lost cheques or cash shrinkage. Cards can be blocked  and unblocked instantly on a 24/7 basis or funds kept ‘off the card’ in the eccount for extra security.

Protection against debt

Cardholders cannot inadvertently incur personal debt by paying company expenses on their own credit cards and receiving re-imbursement to their bank account. There is also no liability or credit exposure for the business.

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