The Tuxedo MasterCard® Prepaid Card
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What you should know about the Dynamic Currency Conversion

When you are travelling abroad goods and services are usually offered in the local currency, for example if you visit France the items you buy will be priced in Euros and you will get Euros from an ATM, or if you visit the USA the local currency will be US Dollars. The currency conversion between your Pounds and the local currency can either be carried out by us as your card issuer or the foreign bank that processes payments for the shop or cash machine.

In the case of foreign currency cards, the currency conversion has already been done, in other words you have already given us Pounds and in return we have given you the local currency that you asked for. This is probably the reason that you chose to take one of our cards – the exchange rate we offered was better than the rate you could get on the high street or by allowing the foreign banks to do the conversion for you.

If you are travelling abroad and you withdraw cash from an ATM or buy goods and services from a shop, you may be offered the choice to pay in Pounds Sterling or the local currency. This is because the cash machine or the shop’s till recognises that you have a UK card and therefore you might want to be charged in Pounds Sterling because you are more familiar with prices in Pounds Sterling. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).

You should always decline this option and choose to pay in the local currency, i.e.:
1) If you have a Tuxedo Euro Card pay in Euros not Pounds.
2) If you have a Tuxedo Dollar Card pay in Dollars not Pounds.

This is because we have already done the currency conversion so if you choose to pay in Pounds Sterling you will be converting the money again and at a worse rate than you originally got, meaning that you end up paying more for your purchase or withdrawal.


Who is Tuxedo?

Tuxedo is an approved MasterCard® Member Service Provider focused on delivering affordable MasterCard and Maestro® Prepaid Card and other innovative stored value products with its unique eccount service. Find out more about Tuxedo here.


How do I Top-up my Tuxedo MasterCard® Prepaid Card?

We’ve made topping-up your card(s) as simple as possible. Your employer can Top-up your card online by bank transfer, by credit or debit card (limits apply and the card must be registered with Tuxedo) or by instant transfer of funds from the eccount.

Using your Tuxedo Card to withdraw cash and make purchases

Where can I withdraw cash?

You can withdraw cash at any ATM that displays the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark, that’s over 1.5 million ATMs worldwide. Click here for the ATM locator.

How much cash can I withdraw with my card each day?

Withdraw up to £500, €750and $1,000 per day from ATMs, provided you have enough money loaded on your card (subject to individual country limits and exchange rate fluctuations).

Can I use my Tuxedo Card to get cash from a bank counter?

No, but you can use an ATM or ask for cashback when shopping in-store instead.

Can I use my Tuxedo Card to make purchases?

Yes, as long as you have sufficient balance on your card, you can shop online, by phone, mail order and in-store to make purchases.

Can I use my Tuxedo Card to guarantee payments or make reservations?

If you are using you card for car hire, hotel reservations, general bookings or to guarantee a payment, the prepaid funds on your card will be pre-authorised and blocked for payment of the services that you request.

Some businesses – car hire and hotels in particular – may block more funds than you expect to use and this will affect the available balance on your card.

The blocked funds will not be available to you to use until the final bill has been settled and cleared via MasterCard.

Usually the unspent amount is made available for use within a day or two of payment, however in some instances it can take up to 14 days for the transaction to be fully processed and for your card to be credited.

Can I use my Card to make purchases using PayPal?

Yes, however please note that when registering a Tuxedo Card on PayPal, a “pre-authorisation” is carried out to ensure your card is valid. A pre-authorisation means blocking a small amount of money on your card (usually less than £2) to check that there is available balance. The pre-authorisation expires after 15 days and is never collected from the card. Therefore in order to register your card on PayPal, please ensure you have a minimum of £2 on your card.

Are there any outlets where I may not be able to use my Tuxedo Card?

You may not be able to use your Tuxedo Card if a retail outlet is unable to obtain authorisation for the spend you wish to make or if your employer has restricted the merchant category. Please check the latter with your employer directly. Your card may also not be accepted for the hire of a car. This may be due to the extended time period that can occur when a transaction is authorised and when money is deducted from your eccount. Alternatively, the difference that can occur between the amount authorised and the amount subsequently claimed.

What address should I give when I purchase goods online, by mail order or by phone?

The billing address should be the address registered by your employer.

What is a pre-authorisation?

A pre-authorisation is carried out when a merchant reserves money on a card to ensure payment for their services. Places such as restaurants and hotels do this quite often. For example, a pub or restaurant may pre-authorise a set amount when you open a tab at the bar. If your final bill is less than the pre-authorised amount it may take a few days for you to receive the balance as a refund into your eccount.

What are Pending transactions?

Pending transactions (sometimes called Outstanding Authorisations) are taken into account when calculating the amount you have available to spend on your Tuxedo Card.
A Pending Transaction is a temporary charge held against your eccount (your available funds) relating to:

1. A transaction (purchase or cash withdrawal) you’ve made using your Tuxedo Card, which has been authorised for payment, but has not yet reached your eccount.

2. ‘Reserved’ funds requested by certain retailers. (e.g. upon check-in, some hotels take your Tuxedo Card details for an ‘authorisation transaction’ that reserves enough funds to cover your bill).

3. A payment or cash withdrawal you’ve made to your eccount which has not yet cleared.

What happens to a Pending transactions?

The Pending transaction will either turn into a finalised transaction (purchase) or will be removed automatically within 14 days.

Do I need to do anything if i have a pending transaction on my eccount?

No. Having a Pending Transaction on your eccount is a normal part of the process by which a purchase is charged to your eccount. However, if you think the Pending Transaction may relate to fraudulent use of your card please call us straight away.

How far back do my statements go?

We currently do not have a limit on how far back the statements go, you will therefore be able to view all past transactions online.

Card funds

How do I check the available money on my card?

If you have registered your mobile number with us, text BAL and the last four digits of your 16 digit card number across the front of your prepaid card to
+44 778 1474 776 (80777 in UK). You can also check your balance by logging in as a Cardholder online or by calling our automated service on
+44 20 7070 4913 (020 7070 4913 in UK).

To log-in as a Cardholder you must have a password and secret number. Please contact your administrator / employer directly to request this.

Transaction Authorisation

How are my transactions authorised?

Retail outlets request authorisation via MasterCard®. We’re linked to MasterCard via a processor that will verify that you’ve enough money available in the sealed eccount that you hold with us. If there isn’t enough on your expenses card, the transaction will be declined. If approved, the money is paid over to MasterCard from the sealed eccount for settlement to the Merchant. At all times, only you or a designated person can see the balance available on your eccount.

What if I want to cancel a transaction or card authorisation?

If you decide to cancel a transaction that has already been authorised, you will be charged a £1 fee and it may take a few days before your money can be cleared for use on your card again. In the meantime, you won’t be able to use that money for other transactions.

When are transactions declined?

Transactions can be declined if the retailer can’t verify online that you’ve enough money in your eccount to cover the value of the transaction – including applicable charges – that you’re making.

Card Security

A safe alternative to cash*

One of the great things about the Tuxedo MasterCard® Prepaid Card and eccount is that it provides security and peace of mind. Using your card is a safe alternative to carrying around cash*. However, we recommend that you take as much care of your card as you would with your cash. It’s truly a comforting thought – access to your money in a wide number of places across the globe for day-to-day purchases.

*The prepaid card is an electronic money product and although it is a product regulated by the Financial Services Authority, it is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. No other compensation scheme exists to cover losses claimed in connection with the Prepaid Card. This means that in the event that Newcastle Building Society becomes insolvent your funds may become valueless and unusable and as a result you may lose your money.

Your PIN

How do I get my PIN?

Call our secure automated PIN retrieval service and follow the 5 easy steps:
Call (+44) 20 7070 4902
Enter your 9 digit eccount number
Enter the last 4 digits of your card number
Enter the 4 digit security code supplied during registration
Memorise the PIN that is read out by our automated system

Can I change my PIN?

You can change your PIN at most ATMs in the UK.

Memorise your Tuxedo Card Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Don’t reveal your PIN to anyone.
If you suspect that someone else knows your PIN, contact us immediately and we’ll issue you with a new one.
For additional security, when using a cash machine, shield the screen and keypad.

Online security

Internet shopping is easier and safer than ever before using your Tuxedo Card and most well-known retailers run sites that are very safe and highly secure. You should never give out your PIN when buying online. Also, never shop on a site without a secure site certificate and be certain that the locked yellow padlock indicator is shown.


You can use your Tuxedo Card at over 32 million locations worldwide displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. If you’re entering your PIN to pay for goods or services, be careful and shield the keypad for additional security.

Lost or Stolen

If you lose your card or it’s stolen, don’t worry. Simply call us immediately on +44 20 7101 6599 or 020 7101 6599 in UK. We’ll cancel your Tuxedo Card and issue you with a replacement within 7-10 days. You can also send us a text with LOST or STOLEN to +44 7781 474 776 or 80777 in UK to report your card lost or stolen. This card service is available if you have registered your mobile number with us. To register your mobile phone number to your card, please ask your employer to contact Customer Care.

Peace of mind

Your card is PIN protected. You shouldn’t reveal your PIN to anyone. You will never be asked for your PIN by Tuxedo Customer Care.


We will never send an email to a customer requesting security or any other confidential information about the Tuxedo MasterCard Prepaid Card. If you receive an email claiming to be from Tuxedo or Newcastle Building Society (NBS) with a link to what appears to be Tuxedo or NBS website, do not enter your personal or eccount details. Tuxedo and NBS are in no way involved with this email and the website doesn’t belong to us or NBS. Never reply to any such emails or disclose any personal information on such websites. If you think you’ve received a fraudulent email that looks like it’s from Tuxedo or NBS, please forward the entire email including the header and footer to and then delete it from your email account.

Expiry and eccount closure

What do I do when my Tuxedo MasterCard® Prepaid Card expires?

We will contact you before the expiry date displayed on your card to offer you a replacement card if required.

How do I close my eccount?

To cancel your card, please ask your eccount administrator / employer to contact Tuxedo directly.

Customer Care

When can I contact Customer Care?

You can contact Customer Care 24 hours a day by sending an email to or calling on 0871 220 6420.

Am I charged for contacting Customer Care?

Calls to Customer Care will be charged for by the service provider that you use to make the call – some calls however may be free on certain tariff plans.

For your call charges, please check with your service provider.

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