Before you start

• Your phone number must be registered with us – if not please call Customer Care
• Ensure your phone has Internet access (i.e. is able to download applications through WAP, GPRS or 3G) – almost all phones that are less than 3 years old now have one or all of these services. If you would like to check if your phone is compatible click here


• You can register online or by calling Customer Care

To register online, log-in to your eccount, choose the ‘Mobile eccount’ tab and click ‘Register’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Downloading the Mobile eccount to your handset from the internet

• Log-in to your eccount online
• Select the “Mobile eccount” tab and select “Register”.

You will then be asked if you would like to update the settings on your mobile phone before attempting to install the Mobile eccount – usually you do not need to update your phone settings, and you should click “Continue”.

If you have experienced difficulties downloading the application already then you should click on the link to your network operator and update your settings.

• The next message on the website will ask you to wait approximately 60 seconds whilst we register your phone.
• You will then receive a text message from “82428” asking you to ‘select link or Go to/Retrieve your HVC.’

This is for your handset verification code

You must select the full web address given on your mobile phone. If your phone does not have this function select ‘Options’ then ‘Use detail’, and then select ‘Web address’)

Note: Some mobile phones may have different menu commands that mean the same thing, if so follow the corresponding instructions on the phone that you are using.

The Handset Verification Code

• When you receive your 2nd text message from “82428”, you will be given a 6-digit code which you will need to enter on the website in the “Handset Verification Code” box.
• Once this has installed, the application will perform a connectivity test. Please be patient as this will take approximately 60 seconds. A further 40 second test to check that the link is secure will follow immediately after.

Your Pass Code

•Once the connectivity and secure link tests are complete, you will then be asked to enter your Pass Code which must be between 5 and 8 digits long. You will need to use your Pass Code to access the service from your mobile phone whenever you access the Mobile eccount – make sure you memorise it.
•Once you have entered and confirmed your pass code, scroll down and select ‘OK’.

You are now ready to use the service

Where to find the Mobile eccount on your phone

Your Mobile eccount will usually be found under the ‘Applications’ section on your phone menu. Some phones may however store it under ‘Games’, ‘Entertainment’ or in other download locations.

If you experience problems locating the Mobile eccount then you can either start again and click on the website link to your network operator in the first stage of registration or contact customer care for assistance.

Tip: For easy access, most mobiles offer a facility to create a shortcut on your main screen menu.

Selecting services on your menu

It is important to note when using the mobile eccount that in order to choose a menu option on any screen, you must scroll down to the ‘OK’ button to confirm your choice and then press Enter/Select/Go on your mobile phone.

 Usage Charges

Your Mobile eccount service is Free of charge for the first 30 days of usage, after which there will be a charge of only £1 per month.

If you have registered and would like to cancel the service simply log-in online, select the Mobile eccount tab and select “Cancel service”.

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